Our Projects

CSSP's project cycle typically lasts three to five years. During this period, we implement multiple activities. Each is designed to address the unique needs of the communities, thereby facilitating peacebuilding and social transformations.

Bosnia & Herzegovina

In a heavily ethnicised everyday life in post Dayton - Dayton Agreement (Dejtonski Mirovni Sporazum) - Bosnia and Herzegovina, CSSP a) proposes activities aimed at strengthening local actors’ potential in attaining quality dialogue in society and b) imparts knowledge and skills in mediation and alternative conflict resolution methods.

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Kosovo’s recent history put a spotlight on the issues of human rights violations, on state building from scratch, and on the rights of diverse communities living in one society. CSSP opened its permanent office in 2009.

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Since 2017, Albania has been going through a substantial reform of the judiciary system. The improvement of judiciary quality and efficiency is one of the main pillars of Albania’s path to European integration. In July 2022, the negotiation process for Albania's membership to the European Union was officially launched.


Regional Component

In addition to projects in the particular countries, CSSP aims to strengthen the rule of law and access to justice through supporting the cooperation among mediation and justice systems and the use of mediation as an extrajudicial dispute resolution tool at regional level.


Our donors