Our Work

Since its establishment, CSSP's work has primarily focused on the Balkans (Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia (FYROM), and Serbia). In response to political developments in the MENA region, South Asia, and the Caucasus, CSSP has broadened its scope to cover these regions as well.

Our Guiding Principles

As part of our commitment to professional service and ethically responsible conflict resolution, CSSP observes the following principles which guide our interactions with partners and stakeholders.

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Our approach

CSSP supports political and community leaders in transforming their conflicts through mediation and dialog processes, facilitated by insider-outsider mediation teams.

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Our projects

CSSP's project cycle typically lasts three to five years. During this period, we implement multiple activities. Each is designed to address the unique needs of the communities, thereby facilitating peacebuilding and social transformations.

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Our donors

Our network