Our Projects

CSSP’s project cycle typically lasts three to five years. During this period, we implement multiple activities. Each is designed to address the unique needs of the communities, thereby facilitating peace-building and social transformations.

Where do we work?

Since its establishment, CSSP’s work has primarily focused on the Balkans (Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia (FYROM) and Serbia). In response to political developments in the MENA region, South Asia and the Caucasus, CSSP has widened its reach to those regions as well.

Before we get started

Before designing a project in a specific region, CSSP undertakes multiple consultations with local stakeholders. We use these consultations to assess how CSSP could contribute most positively and constructively to the local peace/transformation processes. In the consultation phase, we also identify local partners with whom we jointly develop our region-specific approaches. Local stakeholders give us a mandate for work.

Whom do we work with?

In line with our firm belief that peace starts at the local level, we primarily work with local stakeholders. Based on our understanding that social transformation and peace is only attainable and sustained through inclusive processes with a multi-track approach, CSSP engages a wide range of actors. These include high-level political and community leaders, influential academic, religious and NGO leaders as well as civil society actors, individuals, the business community and media representatives.