Our Services

We offer various market-based services. The funds generated are reinvested in our field projects. If CSSP can be of service to you, please contact Christoph Lüttmann at: cluettmann@cssp-mediation.org.


Whatever the conflict, CSSP offers its mediators to support you in reaching the most sustainable solutions. We specialise in intergroup mediation, which integrates your diversity in the decision-making process. CSSP will provide consultation, mediation/facilitation and follow-up support for you in transforming conflict.

Conflict/Risk Analysis

Investing in post-conflict areas can be a risk. Before entering a market, CSSP can help you assess the political situation in the country. We work with local leaders and international companies to define benchmarks for moving forward. CSSP also works with you and local leaders to make pro-active assessments in developing steps that could overcome or minimise the risks and challenges of investing.

Training in Mediation, Communication and Negotiation

As CSSP gains experience and knowledge, our services evolve. We are happy to customise a training or workshop in negotiation, communication skills, conflict management or mediation, specific to your organisation’s needs. We specialise in intergroup group and multicultural relations.

Examples of our trainings include

Mediation for Project Managers Sri Lanka (GTZ) Systems Design in the framework of a draft law on anti-discrimination (Serbia), with Dr. Chris Moore (CDR Associates) International Gender and Negotiation workshop in Vietnam (InWEnt) Negotiation in an International Environment (EU High Level Coordination Mechanism) CONTACT South Asia Program (SIT World Learning) Mediation Training for international missions, such as the OSCE and the EUMediation Training EUPMMulti Track Peace Mediation Training together with Berghof Foundation and inmedioCommunication/negotiation training Airbnb Berlin.