Christoph Werthmann

Christoph Werthmann is in charge of CSSP’s Western Balkan regional activities strengthening mediation in the context of justice. Before, he worked in a variety of other positions with CSSP: as Integrative Mediator and Programme Manager responsible for CSSP’s Bosnia & Herzegovina and, before, Kosovo projects. As coordinator of the Initiative Mediation Support Germany (Berghof Foundation, CPM, CSSP, inmedio, ZIF) he was responsible for the consortium’s cooperation with the German Federal Foreign Office. He also worked as a dialogue facilitator in CSSP’s Ukraine project (together with CPM and inmedio), as a trainer of theatre-facilitated dialogue in Nepal and as a project manager leading CSSP’s activities in Tunisia. He is a certified mediator trained by Friedrich Glasl (2008), a Certified Peace and Conflict Consultant (Friedensfachkraft, 2011) and a holistic psychological counsellor (2020). His experience includes different fields of facilitation from cross-track peace mediation to community, organisational and family mediation. Prior to joining CSSP in 2014, he worked as a freelance mediator, mediation and intercultural trainer as well as a peace researcher and university lecturer. Christoph holds an M.A. in International Cultural Studies and Political Sciences (Dipl.-Kulturw.) from the University of Passau. He served on the board of the German Peace Researchers Association (AFK). And, he is a Playback Theatre practitioner.