Christoph Werthmann

Christoph Werthmann is in charge of CSSP’s projects in Bosnia & Herzegovina and of regional activities strengthening mediation in the context of justice. Before, he worked in a variety of positions for CSSP: as Integrative Mediator and Programme Manager Kosovo, coordinator of the Initiative Mediation Support Germany (Berghof Foundation, CPM, CSSP, inmedio, ZIF) and its cooperation with the German Federal Foreign Office, as a dialogue facilitator in CSSP’s Ukraine project (together with CPM and inmedio), as a trainer of theatre-facilitated dialogue in Nepal and as a project manager in charge of CSSP’s activities in Tunisia. He is a certified mediator trained by Friedrich Glasl (2008), a Certified Peace and Conflict Consultant (Friedensfachkraft, 2011) and a psychological counsellor (2020). His experience includes different fields of facilitation from cross-track peace mediation to community, organisational and family mediation. Prior to joining CSSP in 2014, he worked as a freelance mediator, mediation and intercultural trainer as well as a peace researcher and university lecturer. Christoph holds an M.A. in International Cultural Studies and Political Sciences (Dipl.-Kulturw.) from the University of Passau. He served on the board of the German Peace Researchers Association (AFK). And, he is a Playback Theatre practitioner.