The Board of Directors

The board of directors consists of three persons. The members were elected at the last annual General Assembly meeting of CSSP e.V.

Prof. Dr. Christian Schwarz-Schilling

Honorary President & Treasurer

CSSP's Honorary President was elected to the board of directors in 2012 and holds the position of the treasurer (Schatzmeister). Both the activities and the spirit of the organization stem from his work over ten years (1995–2004) as the international mediator in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has dedicated three decades of his life to promoting peace in Southeastern Europe. Besides his support as a member of the board of directors, Dr. Christian Schwarz-Schilling serves as a mentor and senior advisor to the organization. Until 2020, Dr. Schwarz-Schilling held a Chair for Political Sciences and International Relations at the School of Science and Technology in Sarajevo. He also dedicates his efforts to the China-Tibet conflict.

Alexandra Schwarz-Schilling

Founding member and Chairperson

Alexandra Schwarz-Schilling is a founding member and chairperson of the board of CSSP. She is an economist and a psychologist and, since 2002, the founder and director of Coaching Spirale GmbH in Berlin, a center for coaching and coaching education. She is also the author of two books. She is a senior coach and teaching coach certified by the Deutsche Coaching Verband (DCV) e.V. She is the founder of Living Gaia, a holistic healing biotope in Brazil, and of Living Gaia e.V., an NGO working with the Huni Kuin people in the Brazilian Amazon.

Manuela Mangold

Secretary (Schriftführerin)

Manuela Mangold has been a member of the board of directors at CSSP since December 2011. She holds the position of secretary (Schriftführerin). In 2008, she began working at the CSSP – Berlin Center for Integrative Mediation as a consultant to the honorary president Dr. Schwarz-Schilling. She holds a diploma in fine arts, a Bachelor’s degree in American studies and history, a Master’s degree in American studies, and has completed a one-year training course as a mediator. In addition, she has worked as a program organizer and consultant for international student programs, for example with the University of Washington, Seattle USA, on the topics of right-wing nationalism, education, and migration.

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