About Us

CSSP is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation based in Berlin with a majority of the team and several offices in the respective countries of engagement.

The organisation originated from the work and team around Mr. Christian Schwarz-Schilling and his mandate as International Mediator for Bosnia and Herzegovina, connected to the Dayton Pace Agreement. Mr. Schwarz-Schillings Mandate as International Mediator lasted from 1996 until 2004. When he was appointed High Representative of Bosnia Herzegovina, the German Bundestag and the Federal Foreign Office asked the mediation team around him to continue its work in the region. That was the birth and nucleus of the organisation which started as "Christian Schwarz-Schilling Project - CSSP". Later on, the organisation changed its name into "CSSP Berlin Center for Integrative Mediation" as the initial character of a project increasingly developed into a longer-term organisation.

Since its start, the organisation enlarged its geographical focus within and beyond the Western Balkans, also to Eastern Europe and the Kaukasus, Asia and the MENA region and also limited approaches in Germany.

We also developed from a Berlin based team of outsider mediators into an organisation which always works with insider-outsider mediation teams.

Our Team

The organisation is headquartered in Berlin, with local offices in Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania. The team comprises the managing director, integrative mediators, project managers and coordinators, and finance staff.

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The Board of Directors

The board of directors consists of three persons. The members were elected at the last annual General Assembly meeting of CSSP e.V.

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The Honorary President

Dr. Christian Schwarz-Schilling is the honorary president of the organization. Both the activities and the spirit of the organization stem from his work over ten years (1995–2004) as the international mediator in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Our donors

Our network